This isn’t what I was hoping to write about, but it is something I want to write down, even though it hurts. My Nana passed away today. She was the most wonderful woman and I will always treasure every moment and memory of her.

She had stunningly beautiful blue eyes, and I’ll always remember her smiling through them. She was always there and always said, “tell me anything you want, you know you can tell me anything.” And I did. And every time, she would help me see it from the other side.

Not a poet,  but felt I had to write down all the things about her that came into my head after Dad said what had happened. It wouldn’t make much sense if I were to write them all down here too, but it is her to me. I’ll never forget our Christmas shopping adventures, our secrets and our laughs. I know she enjoyed it too, although perhaps the story of the silver service delivery of chicken nuggets to the hotel room was recounted a few too many times! She always respected my opinions and views right from a child, giving them as  much credit and weight as she would anyone elses. She was an adventurer and traveller, doing things  no other nanas did and I’ll never forget her boundless energy when I was younger.

She’ll always be remembered and cherished by everyone. I’ll always love you, Nana.


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