Last of the summer on the Vistula

I wanted to write a longer post but am not feeling quite like it after such a heavy week. However, here are some photos from our trip in to Warsaw  when JL came to visit.

We were blessed with a  rare ‘unscheduled’ weekend and so, capitalising on what may be the last burst of sunshine before the descent into that infamous Polish Winter*, we ventured into Warsaw for an explore.

*Our tour guide Gawel told us that each year there is a period of at least 2 weeks where temperatures reach minus 20. Fabulous.


First we took a free walking tour of Communist Warsaw with Claude and his girlfriend Michelle. Whilst it was interesting, perhaps unsurprisingly, I do prefer the Old Town. The Medieval Old Town itself however, is not so ancient. In fact, it is less than 65 years old, as it was almost entirely rebuilt after the war. The result is stunning.


In the evening, we met up with Claude and Michelle again at a rather exclusive-looking restaurant called Dom Wodki**. We had a fantastic meal, with each course accompanied by a special shot of vodka to start and one to finish. When in Poland, well, you know the rest.

**Dom Wodki means house of vodkas

The next day we took a cycling trip along the great Vistula river. Warsaw is unusual asa capital city in that it has a whole stretch of Natura 2000 reserve along one side of the main river flowing through it. It was as if we had ventured a hundred miles from the city. The trip was even better as our group only consisted of 4 people, meaning we got plenty of time to hear stories and make acquaintance with our fellow tourists. Afterwards we even joined them for a beer (/ice cream…) and free ping pong in another quarter of the city.


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