A little family

It’s been really hard these last few days. Keeping busy has been crucial to keeping going – but it’s been the type of busy which has mattered most.

When dad told me what had happened, I felt really lost. It was as though a ball had been thrown into my chest at 70 miles per hour and had pushed out all sense of direction. It was so unexpected. Dad suggested though that I try and keep busy and that’s helped no end.

I took part in the Theatre Group that night. It’s defined by the purpose of letting go, not competing and having fun. Led by Simone and Simona, we spent the first half hour doing ‘trust exercises’. In these, you spend a lot of time with your eyes closed doing things you would never do even with your eyes open: this leads to a lot of laughs and really takes your mind off things. Plus it’s amazing how running into a wall of people with your eyes closed makes you feel better.

We then role-played for the next half an hour, again soliciting huge volumes of laughter. Whilst it couldn’t make it better, keeping busy at least gives you some more time to accept.

What has been more incredible though is the support from fellow students. Whilst the workload has accelerated more than let up, it’s astounding how many people have given time to talk and make sure I’ve not been alone. The little and the big things, from an unprompted Facebook message to say their room is open, to inviting me over for tea and Georgian honey (thanks Irakli), have meant so much. I’ve had time to cry but I’ve had time to carry on too, which is vital.

The students here have been the best support I could have ever have hoped for. Even though we have only been together for a month, as Nina said, ‘we have to be a little family here’. The thing is, they really mean it.


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