Golden Autumn Walk

Before leaving for Poland, I was warned about the cold. The smirks of those who have visited central and Eastern Europe during the dark months of the year when I said I’d be here in December were enough to strike more than a slight jolt of apprehension. What wasn’t quite so emphasised was the stunning Autumn.

I’d heard whispers. But Autumn in Poland is much bigger, bolder and breathtaking than   such murmurs could have ever revealed.

It’s passing so quick though. Only a  few days ago the trees outside my  window were full of (golden) leaves, and now they are all but bare. A morning run through our campus nature reserve shows that there is enough variation in the forest that some trees have still kept their leaves, but they are falling fast. Not only are the roads strewn with carpets of crimson reds, rubies, apricot, orange and golds, but you can see the leaves falling in droves whenever a wind blows, like some kind of snow storm (a warning?).

Despite a lot of work, I took the opportunity to play with the settings on my camera. The lowered sun offered a nice opportunity to experiment with the exposure, whilst the colours have been really drawn out with filters. It’s all just a bit of fun – I’m not artist but it would have been a shame to miss these!

It’s slightly stereotypical from a Brit abroad, but look out for a new blog on the weather if the hints of expected wintry flurries come to fruition in 9 days time…


Just yellows.


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