A journey ends and more begin…

It’s still pretty sunny here, which although unexpected is certainly very welcome!


10k in Kabaty forest maybe didn’t help…

I should perhaps heed Claude though when he keeps recounting a wise phrase , “En avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil. Mais En mai, fais ce quil te plaît” which roughly means that in April, don’t take off your coat (you don’t know when it will change), but in May, do whatever you please! The past few weeks have been quite difficult and the jet-setting of my last post probably took its toll. After feeling exhausted for 2 weeks (with some kind of flu), and with lots of support from Ronan and others, I seem at last to be back on form.

Nonetheless, despite cutting back temporarily on sport, life at the college definitely goes on. Ross came to visit me at last and we certainly made the most of it. My bizarre fatigue stopped us from profiting much from Warsaw’s night life but we still made a mini recreation of our inter-railing antics.

Classes meant I couldn’t always be there, but Ross made sure to tell me all about his day’s adventures in the evenings. We visited Warsaw’s Trampoline park – literally a room full of trampolines – before heading into Warsaw’s centre the next day (yes I might have skipped a class…).

Although the science centre was full, we profited from the ‘curiosities’ park nearby: a really innovative space outside the Copernicus Science centre; there are loads of ‘exhibits’ (probably for children, but ho-hum, they were at school) that play with sound. Little drums you can play by enhancing the sound with water on your hands, as well as sound reflectors set apart by around 50m and yet you can talk into and be heard at the other reflector and loads more. What the sheep were for though we never really worked out…

After a quick nap in the planetarium (just kidding, we did watch most of it) and a trip to Lazienki park, we passed the rest of the afternoon in that famous Polish cafe Cafe Nero for a much needed rest and a comprehensive 3-month catch up.

An obligatory trip to Zapiecek for pierogi was followed by the most refined activity of the day: a trip to the Moscow City Ballet’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’. In spite of the popcorn which of course wasn’t there in such a refined show, it was beautiful and the Garland Waltz (once upon a dream) stuck in my head for the next 24 hours at least and I’m still humming it on and off now…

All in all a fantastic prelude to the study trips, although it did mean I went to bed around 9pm for the next 2 nights before the Visegrad. I’ve finally also done my Baba Marta, attaching it to what I think is a Hazel tree with green catkins and purple flowers. Spring here seems to be approaching fast and I imagine it will be an explosion of life here before long. The seasons are much more sudden!

I’ll write another post very soon about the adventures in the V4 – but before that I have to wait for my camera (‘misplaced’ in Prague but making its return thanks to a rather pleasant cafe...)


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