April Fools

When you think it’s all going to start calming down, the world always knows how to drop a bombshell. Or two. Or even several…

With the announcement of the General Election in June, I’m gaining yet another new experience: voting by proxy. It’s not much time; calculating based on my experience with post from Poland to make sure all the forms and the like are completed on time, but I will vote no matter what. Beyond that ‘surprise’ (is it really that much of a shock?), things have been quite remarkable here in Poland.

The early spring weather really does seem to have been an extended April Fool. Despite our precocious picnics, we even woke up to snow yesterday, although we’ve been assured it should start feeling a bit warmer at least by May. I’ve also been the lucky receiver of a mysterious postcard that seems to have made a long but rather circular journey.  On a much bigger and rather more concerning scale, what with the tumultuous news from Turkey to the furor in France, the College has been alive with discussion that manages to distract even the most serious of students from talking about their master thesis word count for a while. Who knows, maybe my hair will go pink next?

In any case, life is still rather exciting and is definitely not the monotonous march towards the thesis deadline I had expected following the study trips. I visited Lublin over Easter with Ronan. Although Poland is really not the place to go over Easter (unless your hobby is viewing the outside of closed museums), we still had good time – we met some pretty lively locals in a  bar (who were rather confused by our decision to visit Lublin), visited enjoyed a lot of food and explored the castle.

I’m keeping more busy than ever too. Embracing the slightly better weather, I’m going to start running properly again in earnest and have been going to the swimming pool with Roman and Sarah twice a week. I’ve even found time to practice Russian, although accidentally saying “Извините!” to an already angry Polish lady (I still don’t know what I did… ), probably isn’t the best way of doing so…

It struck me how long I’ve been away the other day. I’ll admit too that I did get quite a few pangs of homesickness and I’ll really appreciate seeing everyone again when I’m back in the Summer. I’ll be thinking about mum too this Sunday as she runs the London Marathon and cheering her on, even during class! It’s an incredible place to be however and I wouldn’t change having come here for the world.


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