A happy, rainy day in April

How did you manage to import the weather too?! Ok, so that joke may have been said one too many times last Friday, but  apart from the eventual arrival of April showers in Warsaw, the UK national day at the College really couldn’t have worked out better.


The flags are out… and so is the rain!

The day began with a full English (what else), followed by a fish, chip and mushy pea lunch (not forgetting the malt vinegar), before a street party style dinner. Of course, it wouldn’t have been complete without some real English Breakfast tea (Tetley, Twinnings or Yorkshire only, with not a Lipton in sight!*) to wash it all down.

Although fewer than normal made it, due probably to the unfaltering approach of the thesis deadline,  a good group still came together for the evening’s entertainment. Much like the other national days, which have all been superb, there is (thankfully some might jest in the case of the UK ) more than food to a country. A whisky and gin ‘degustation’ (to be very British and pinch the word of our French neighbours) accompanied a photo exhibition of the different land and cityscapes, before the choir sang Men of Harlech and Danny Boy.  The evening then took a ‘funny’ turn, with a ‘How Good is your British’ quiz led by Elie; which I heard but didn’t see as I was being very skillfully turned into a witch by Alaa. After a short whisky-break, our Theatre group performed a somewhat absurd version of a very-abridged Macbeth, until finally we warmed up for the bar with a lively and chaotic ceilidh, called by Jess.

Macbeth cast

The Theatre crew do Macbeth: CoE-style

Overall it was a fantastic day; full of laughs, surprises** and a real illustration of the UK beyond London. The canteen especially did an incredible job of preparing the food and even building on our ideas for a ‘street party style’ decoration in the restaurant.


Brits abroad.

I don’t know what time I went to bed, but know  class was a rather more of an effort at 9:30am the next day than usual and certainly not just for me!

Now it’s really time to knuckle down though: the thesis may be on my desk, bound and ready for hand-in, but my revision notes are little more than coloured pieces of paper and the first exam is less than 7 days away…

*I’ve been converted to Lipton, but honestly, no British person drinks it.
**Hash browns may have been translated as black pudding: although my Dad did point out this is more British, and then there was the Irish flag affair…

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