Summertime, and the livin’ is busy

Summer is always busy. Despite the need to discuss even more than usual the seasonal or unseasonable weather (and grumble a bit when it doesn’t turn out as hot as expected, then grumble some more it turns too hot), it’s still the time when every village, town and city hosts most of its annual shows and events. At every turning to a village there was another sign, each trying to entice passing drivers to the weekend’s event from 2pm onwards; be it a steam rally, a beer/cider/sausage festival or even a road or cycle race.

The first stop for me was the Heckington show. As the UK’s biggest village show, it really is quite a spectacle over the last weekend in July each year. It hosts all the usuals: flower arranging, cake baking, rabbits, shire horses and other livestock competitions, impressive re-enactments, chickens and for some reason; the obligatory car sales (who goes to a village show and suddenly decides to splash out on a £40,000 BMW?); but then goes further. This year the national parachuting team the Red Devils burst onto the main show ring in near perfect choreography, flying the flag as they went. The following day listed Monster trucks as well as the more typical show jumping on the schedule. Although I missed it due to slight exhaustion after mum and I took part in the 10 mile road race across the fen followed by a cider to rehydrate me, the evening’s Queen tribute would have been followed by the annual spectacular fireworks display.

After a relatively quite week, the next weekend was again filled with activity. The main event being a Christmas party (yes, we felt the need to move the only dark-month celebration to the busiest period of the year: because well, why not!) complete with mulled wine, turkey and all the trimmings. Before I knew it, I’d headed back to London, meeting friends and new colleagues (learning how to cook a very fine steak from an expert called Dan), before once again taking to the air.


I landed in beautiful Brittany to spend a busy, exciting but somehow relaxing week with Ronan. The 15th of August is a national holiday (for the Assumption), so there was – of course – a lot going on. We still found plenty of time to enjoy the stunning bays of the Golfe; cycling and meeting his friends – as trying ample volumes of Breton cider!

Finally I’m back enjoying the last week or so at home. I’d committed to taking it steady, enjoying the time with friends and family as much as possible. Despite this aim, I do still always seem to be doing something and yet there is still so much to fit in. Deliveries, appointments, meet-ups, steam punk… it’s all go.

It’s true that life expands to fill the time you’ve got. So perhaps doing nothing isn’t wise: with more life, there’s somehow and sometimes more time!


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